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tv   [untitled]    March 9, 2011 3:00pm-3:30pm EST

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collins between libya's pro and government forces shows no sign of easing but united on one issue their opposition to foreign intervention. europe takes in an influx of immigrants from north africa but one british town is already struggling to deal with the tensions between a large muslim community and angry nationalists. and reset to reaffirm russia's leader in the u.s. vice president find common ground on for the stumbling blocks including moscow's accession to the world trade organization and a missile defense system in europe. live
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from our studios here in central moscow this is r.t. with twenty four hours a day in libya more than a thousand people are now thought to have died in weeks of fighting between rebels and government forces even so all sides have told foreign forces to stay out of the conflict and that hasn't stopped the u.s. putting it's going to treat on alert to intervene or the u.k. and france from pushing the u.n. to back a no fly zone correspondents inside libya oxana boy because in the opposition stronghold of benghazi. in the capital tripoli. the program also certainly has been securing the claim of a country fighting has been intensifying propagates there were fresh air raids launched by. the rich country western north also in the western time as the year they have been making an on steps towards their town you know in tripoli their rigs very much in the hands of the libyan leader he again appeared on state television
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for the second time in two days reiterating that it was foreign involvement behind the chaos in the demonstrations and seen in various cities around the country he said because security forces have captured a number of foreigners in a raid on a months he said that they came on egypt algeria aniston beheaded in calcutta told him with friends here the same message coming out of the country's foreign minister ahmet in which the coup said he blamed foreign elements for what is happening oh well moral it's clear it's a plot the proof is that this group has great powers and is supported by them first of all by britain which is attracted by the oil reserves the u.k. has paid several visits. and offered help the same situation as with france and the u.s. great growers compete for the right to own oil darkseid own gold resources and this rivalry is going on the pressure certainly has grown within the united states will be a panic ministration to take some kind of action on libya we call all the little minds
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for no china zone are reaching the mention right at the same time the european union foreign ministers are said to need tomorrow thursday in brussels and on friday they will help in a crisis a meeting of all twenty seven leaders of the bloc in which they will issue a joint response now the e.u. is widely expected to expand its sanctions that it has a really set on the duffey family to be his close associates as well as his sons and family members cannot travel to europe there is also in place against weapons sales to libya but we understand that the sanctions will now include. i mean doggone equipment which could be used for some kind of internal repression and also the organizations that are controlled by the gadhafi regime will also fall within that sanction and we do also understand that you will be supporting calls for united nations investigation into what is happening here so certainly a lot of question on the international front in terms of what you do with this
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country although it is worth mentioning and it must be stressed that the feeling here in libya regardless of the talk to me is that the international community is not getting through the well right thanks for that support now which obviously it doesn't want foreigners to intervene but let's not go to. see how do the rebels react to the claims that they are being backed by the west now the opposition of course denies these claims in private they started. a recent barrison to be a british intelligence services group here ghazi a group that was greatly are rasta. back home and local leaders say that they do not want any foreign intervention in fact they say if indeed it happens this will play into reckoning into the hands of khadafi and they're very adamant that be surprising whatever it. costs will or not remains to be seen as an achievement as
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they carry on after in all of the relieved people the majority of the population including the phone and. he wants foreign intervention because that it's an iraq hughson are you what washington does it is to establish control over these oil reserves which constitute billions and billions of dollars of proceeds with. some of the opposition leaders told us today that they're now to regroup to accumulate all of their resources around the bay have to malinda that parents of the town of third. right there or not the opposition forces will be able to mount these contraflow still remains to be seen that army is still pretty much of this in the war and they have weapons where they're very poorly trained what have the same time the only thing that i would say is on their side is that. they're very creative in trying to find new means of fighting and here's exactly what i need in
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our next story. they call it the vehicle of the free think of trucks have long been popular in the desert but their food will drive power easily conquer the tree tristan's it's certainly been maybe one of the very few places unnerving things to have peak up trucks that given the state of texas people here like this car for its not good tea versatility and strong action and if this fascination with pick up trucks that allow their prizing in eastern libya to pick up steam please father bought this chart a few years ago for his family business his son x. twenty five year old economics student now sets out for the front line says if it's a very good car especially in the desert we had a sublime we'll be able to use it when our you can go and fight for my country. ever since their rising began almost three weeks ago columns of rubble pickup
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trucks have been crisscrossing the desert and ghazi rubble say these village he allows them to dodge attacks from pro-government forces and has more than once saved their lives we got thrown by bombs. from a slow growth that we can see we're trying to escape in come back. get everybody through or give you these old pieces of soviet or more have been rusting on the main embankment have been gazi ever since the rebels to cover the c.t.e. they now serve as a playground for kids and symbols of defeat for the despised regime. this man was among hundreds of young officers who in the 1980's were sent to soviet military academies by gadhafi is government now as critic of the libyan leader he says tanks like the gadhafi regime have a long while to leave their days there's. all this heavy armor is no different
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that's why pickup trucks came in so honey with slight modifications they can easily be converted to cody around rocket launchers and machine guns utilizing the utility vehicles for rapid attacks is hardly a libyan invention pickup trucks have long been a feature of mortar and warfare you see tend to see patterns and certain vehicles are used by the u.s. military and u.s. government schools in afghanistan before it's in afghanistan now it's even in afghanistan soon and it was used supplied pickup trucks that help afghan insurgents fight soviet troops three decades ago now it's leave behind that wheel and they're at a crossroads wondering which way to drive their country next at some point are at sea when ghazi. well for warnitz i'm now joined live from massachusetts by e.j. pressure and he's the director of international studies at trinity college based in connecticut thanks very much indeed for joining us here on our team do you believe
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that western nations when they say any intervention would be for humanitarian reasons. i think it's very dangerous period immediately started talking about things like north fly zones i think the problem with you know talking about things like any intervention you're going to lead on the one hand to the very poor bungling the s.e.'s the united kingdom and done sending in a sort on record listen steam and secondly you're going to lead up to a problem which the u.s. defense secretary robert gates said i did fight yesterday when he said that any dog over north flies on lead to the kinds of events that might precipitate a conflict i keep in mind that in april of zero nine hundred eighty six the united states and libyan planes. encounter over the mediterranean sea
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that was the last chance event such of duals encounter one was shot down so what here is bit any drop of intervention is going to lead to why this collusion or i think boots is correct but there is no such thing as small intervention libya is a part six to seven times the size of iraq it's very hard to actually try it there's a libya without substantial military hardware so there is an engine that from a military standpoint so much diplomatic step but it's equally dangerous only straightens woman good obvious hand because then he could go to his supporters in the western part of libya and so you see what i told you people in the east. backed by the imperialist forces and are not and are can pick libyan revolt social foot military and political reasons of military intervention is i think very
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dangerous what some would say it's more dangerous to leave libya to its own fate what could happen do you think to libya in the long term. libya is different from egypt it isn't little of cardinal dispute between the west and east of the country this dispute is about a hundred years old and it is only resort first nearly what i would like to see is i would like to see the rebels of the east the not try to the west to stop it as he declared the air the legitimate government of libya and why the one there are people in the western part of libya who always looked at their feet if they persist in trying to morrow after mediterranean road towards tripoli it would be in wanting more difficult match it but if the. book with some good reasons for stories authority but if the east doesn't persuade the west to overthrow gadhafi some would say you've got a situation very similar to somalia. i don't think so i think kind of used
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inside is to be freed up with the authority of one market after he might be can set up their own ministry jennette says is because happened in two groups and been classy and in the best i think there is sufficient. moment gadhafi does not established itself or revolutions gein revolutions need be chanst in mexico or delusion crewcut been mighty good it wasn't completed in ninety six right think any again to me this revolution happened he is going to lead to put displeasure with his knowing to mention the borders of dimension in what he says east many beaches he is going to lead to bloodshed we should see below he's establishment below it from him and that is the only way he is going to finally come to terms with the fact that he is the from banking sixty nine. prashad director of international
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studies at trinity college there in connecticut thanks for joining us live on r.t. thank you sir. or during this period of unrest in the arab world saudi arabia america's staunchest ally in the region has knowledge we've been spared in part thanks to a strictly enforced ban on public protests today ati's people live and he's going to discuss what the future might hold for the middle east's richest nation crosstalk is coming your way later this hour but here's a brief preview for you. the growing sand storm unique arab middle east as change sweeps the region to saudi arabia immune to outside influences u.s. president barack obama says he supports democracy and the aspirations of the people does this apply to the kingdom of saudi. russian's accession to the world trade organization is a top priority for washington that's according to vice president joe biden who met present during a visit to moscow aimed at reaffirming the reset of relations between the two countries. is following the visit. to push the reset button
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piece was the legendary phrase first introduced by joe biden two years ago when he described obama's efforts to improve relations with russia this visit to move aimed at assessing where relations don't need way through president obama's presidential term and to try to further progress in what the white house describes as that you'll travel translation up fourteen agreements what interests converge and agreeing to disagree in areas where they don't afghanistan is an example where most in washington can cooperate successfully just today present the very ready for an agreement that allows for transit of military hardware and personal to get us down through the russian territories however there are quite a number of touchy issues on the table between moscow and washington like russia's accession into the world trade organization russia has sought w t o membership for
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a decade and a half no that is way more than any other bidding country and today president may day during his talks with joe biden too bad he hopes the grim it would be signed before the u.s. vice president and his career but we hope that the green men could be scientists early as by the end of this year and other very freaky shit on the agenda is that missile defense in europe for years the us as opposed to russia's involvement in co-creating with nato on an anti ballistic missile plan for europe which the u.s. believes will be needed people iran comes up with nuclear weapons russia complains that it wasn't involved in those plans neither was it all for it and not equipped level of cooperation on that so for years it has remained one of the biggest key returns in relations between the two force these today's talks between the u.s. vice president and me trying to get it were just part of major progress shows for the upcoming visit over barack obama later this year and another pricing issue on
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the. chanda was believe me any of you guys the u.s. is now considering imposing a no fly zone over libya russia strongly opposes that moscow says once again stone's international intervention in what he believes is levy on domestic affairs and the u.s. is now see russia's support for action in levy as russia has a veto on the year's unity council that means that without russia saying yes to the no fly zone plan this plan could not be enforced. democratic strategist chris told me earlier that joe biden's visit highlights the toys which continue to link russia and the u.s. . i think that the existing relations are on a track moving forward no matter what the little disruptions are and i think that's very important and i think that's part of what biden strip is all about and then the obama's trip will be all about which is that even if we have set backs along the way the message has to be very clear to the russian people and to the american
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people that russia and united states now have more in common than we do we do that separates us we need that russia to be part of it we need a free trade with russia i think that that message is being a cent today anythings the united states does it will clearly take into account how the russian government works and leadership feels about things and i'm sure that vice president biden is making that very clear to. the russian leadership today that whatever we do in libya we're going to try to make sure that we cooperate with you and we're not in conflict with you the other thing of course is that we're coming up to the tenth anniversary of nine eleven i don't think it's lost on the american people that the russian people have been victimized by islamic terrorists and we share that in common and i think the metaphor for that is this idea of a missile defense although it's aimed at states like iran and others i think that it's a symbol that we stand united against terrorists and that's another thing so while
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we might disagree on things like libya i think going forward the relationship moves forward no matter what the little setbacks might be. turn up at some other headlines from around the world thirty six people been killed and almost one hundred injured after a suicide bomber struck a funeral procession in pakistan witnesses say a teenager detonated himself as hundreds of taliban militia men knelt to hold the taliban has claimed responsibility saying it was in retaliation for the tribesmen support of the government. of the thirty nine successful mission space shuttle discovery has landed at kennedy space center in florida for the very last time it was returning from the international space station where it had been carrying out maintenance the shuttle will now be stripped to various components and put on display in a museum discovery sister ships and atlantis but also shuttle to be retired later this year ending not as ability to carry out manned space flight. thousands of muslim refugees escaping violence in north africa found their way to europe but
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what they will find nations already struggling to live with it immigrant populations in the kurdish town of luton the knowledge muslim community is now being confronted by a strong far right sentiment parties or am it takes about. mosques his jobs and how shops a scene straight from the bazaars of the orient this is luton north of london painted some twenty five thousand muslims of british and other origins one of them was time or. better known now as the stockholm bomber abdul qadeer pax knew him and describes a volatile character rejected by the community at large but he was here he was challenged his ideology is think these were challenged we challenged him and when we realized he wasn't changing we exposed everybody every member of this person's community because. he walked out and we never saw him again the next day heard had blown himself up in sweden and that's just the latest claim to intimate police in
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which is fast becoming known as a hotbed of extremism the town's been linked to a variety of terrorist plots and elite british intelligence reports identified leeson as one of the main hopes of fanaticism in the country extremism breeds extremism and in steps the english defense league committed to protecting england from what they see is a grave of islam is a leader tommy robinson believes he's poking where others spear to tread. mark. we've got grave concerns in our community and we need somebody to voice them sometimes politicians and they don't pretend so e.t.l. kulu to do their job although others say the greeks are in football if you look at us and they recently held their biggest ever march through the town ahead of which robinson says the police told him his life was in danger you have been poisoned may
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be appropriate if you leave the area for the foreseeable future the town of lucent has undeniable links to islamic extremism including least recently to stop hate on you spent time here and that in turn leads directly. it's a device that groups like the d.l. he believed they knew under threats meanwhile the people at least didn't see their talent in the headlines because of extremists from both sides of the facts patel's any piece says the boss majority of ten years live in harmony and a distressed by their heads image but we can do the pics and inform me quietly peacefully and show that the majority of this town and in this country face you don't believe or accept this organization we do not want them here you still came upon this family names england for turning him from a normal boy into a fanatic some points to unemployment insatiable deprivation as the reasons for the
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extremes found in luton that backs lays the blame squarely at the doors of the government before nine eleven we never had these but these type of issues to this develops is not eleven it was foreign policy spots will it stop going to iraq you know illegal war killing women children there is afghanistan you know carpet bombing indiscriminately meanwhile walls thousands of miles away make their presence felt it lead to where every so often shopkeepers pulled out the town center and prepare for the hurricane of extremists in the past three your enemies our team needs to. take for the moment i'll be back with a recap of our main news stories in less than eight minutes the business update is next with dimitri stay with us live here in moscow. good to have your company a reset of economic relations between russia and the u.s.
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was high on the agenda of joe biden's meeting with russian deputy prime minister. which took place in russia's high tech hub of skolkovo. both countries acknowledge that it can only cooperation between them remains below its potential in two thousand and ten trade what was between russia and the u.s. more valued at about twenty three billion u.s. dollars which is only four percent of questions external trade now during a meeting between the u.s. weiss president and russia's first deputy prime minister cooperation in the sphere of high technology is of course also discussed including the overturning all the talk of office right now it will of this silly call valley for better cooperation between the two we are aware of the benefits that will flow to u.s. companies from a freer and more open trade regime between the united states and russia and quite frankly worldwide but we also know we've often told russian leaders that investors
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and companies are looking not just for a better trade policies but for assurances that the legal system that exists in each of the countries in which they wish to invest the legal system treats them fairly also a deal was signed between russian companies air flights and buoying russia will by eight's of the company's latest seven seven seven jets the deal is estimated at about two billion u.s. dollars also vice president biden has said that the u.s. strongly supports russia's bid to join the world trade organization and it's not only the u.s. having claims to russia's legislation russia business says it's also facing problems with red tape in the united states that's according to the c.e.o. of ross nano and it's i mean she was. but it was the biggest lead of russian companies offering innovative products to the u.s. market find difficulty in registering while other nations are allowed to enjoy
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a lesion has heard a recommendations we need new procedures to druce the problem of unfair competition i believe this can be resolved to the research group and you. take a look at the market starting with commodities or oil prices are up yet again that's especially true for bradford's up more than two and a half dollars the rest texas crude is down sixty cents brant is up because merrill lynch has talked to its forecast of crude prices saying brant crude briefly top one hundred forty dollars a barrel in the second quarter meanwhile exxon mobil c.e.o. says prices at the current level are not yet hurting the economy but some u.s. investors do not agree they are chilled by the current oil prices that we're seeing right now after especially true for the nasdaq it's down point four percent dow jones like the one. in russia wednesday's trade ended in the red that's our through our long weekend the market was correcting following
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a strong previous week but banking stocks were bucking the trend they were on the right supported by for the results from bank of america is burbank up one point three percent of the close bank was the video added seven point seven percent for that the second tier still lower nickel and copper futures are weighing on north nickel shares going down one percent and track yeah it's preferred shares gained eleven percent over the session the stock spiked thirty percent at one point causing an increase in spending of trading one hour but there's been no clarification so far as to the reasons behind. i think the most evident trend was the rotation from oil and gas into the financial world or so it's have been strong for a while so i think it's a question of process taking a bit lower oil prices more supplies from orbit and obviously your financial sector is not in the much. versus the world that's where it's stronger
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first the broader market. and russia's oil majors are also looking across the atlantic for investment opportunities as the country's largest private producer lukoil is scouting us shale fields lukoil wants to use u.s. high tech drilling technology in russia's shale deposits as they're difficult to drill the company's already experiment thing in the area which is thought to hold large resources of the liquid hydrogen. and that's it from business. when's they would join us tomorrow morning eight a moscow time for an update corrina will be their headline next with building stable.
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wealthy british style. is not on the title of. market finance come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with much stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars a report on our g cultures that so much of an oldish musician can find more or less a growing sandstorm in the arab middle east as change sweeps the region to saudi
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